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Blockchain for Pharma Industry

We utilize cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes and reduce the complexity found in the healthcare industry. Our company provides several solutions to help make it possible.

Benefit from Blockchain in Pharma Supply Chain Today

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The Need for Blockchain for Pharma Industry

Blockchain growth across various industries means that it has potential to change the way they operate. It provides security and fast transactions on a global scale without any need for a central authority or intermediary. Currently, there is immense potential for blockchain in the pharma industry to solve many of the problems this sector faces.

The idea of maintaining permanent, incorruptible, accessible and error-free patient medical records is a tedious process to anyone. Other problems in the industry is the rise and spread of counterfeit drugs. The lack of transparency in the pharma supply chain gets worse every day. Blockchain here could remedy these issues and bring a welcome change to the sector.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry


Transparency is a significant problem in the medical field. Consumers blindly believe that doctors give them the right medicine of their ailments. However, they do not know where the drugs’ sources are.

Counterfeit Drugs

Presently, there is great difficulty in telling the difference between fake and real dtrugs. The growth of the counterfeit drugs industry is very dangerous for customers.

Inventory Management

Drug manufacturers have it difficult in gauging the market needs and managing their supply and demand. While this is not a problem regularly, this issue can be problematic during turbulent times and emergencies.

Medical Record Maintenance

A patient’s health record is necessary to provide the correct treatment based on their health conditions. A lack of these records makes it hard for physicians to provide the right treatment.


There are several third-parties involved in any pharma industry or company. These third-parties make it difficult for customers to know if a particular product is trustworthy or not. Intermediaries could change the drug at any stage and cause more confusion to customers.

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Blockchain for Pharma Industry?

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How Blockchain in Pharma Industry Solves These Issues

Inventory Management

The lack of connection between manufacturers and pharmacies is thanks to the many computers not providing the required information to manufacturers. A blcockhain-based system enables manufaturers have greater visibility into their inventory and prepare for a spike in demand. They can also properly manage the product flow and maintain steady financial gains. Blockchain here reduces the financial burden on the inventory supply chain and removes any need for third-party involvement.

Drug Safety

The biggest issue with drug safety is the manufacturing process and ingredient sourcing. Presently, traceability is a problem with finding the technology suppliers and the ingredients. The immutable ledger found on a blockchain network lets anyone trace a drug from pricing back to manufacturing. This system ensures that every stakeholder is responsible for their work.

Consumer Awareness and Public Safety

There are several public safety issues that blockchain can address. A blockchain-enabled supply chain makes it easy to recall any drug. Blockchain also raises awareness about such announcements and improves public safety.

Long-Lasting Consumer Relationship

Blockchain makes it easy to establish a link between pharmacies, drug makers, and suppliers. Blockchain her reduces product wastage, increases transparency and ensures a better customer experience.

Why Choose Us

Our company specializes in providing custom blockchain solutions to the whole industry and to the benefit of the patients. With blockchain, doctors can access a patient’s entire medical history and provide greater care to the customers.

Our experienced development team can provide the tools needed to strengthen your business and take it to the next level. We help you build customized solutions based on your unique requirements and always deliver products within the estimated due date.

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Benefit from Blockchain in Pharma Supply Chain Today


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