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DAO Development Services

Bring decentralization to your company and see how it streamlines processes and evolves your organization. We offer custom DAO development services to suit your unique needs and requirements.

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Our DAO Consulting Services Help You Revolutionize Your Business

The central components behind DAO and DAO services are that they are completely decentralized and are led by the community. Decentralization aims to overcome issues in security, reduce third-party involvement, and streamline internal processes through automation. Every aspect of DAO is overseen by smart contracts coded to activate only under specific conditions. DAO users here cast votes to decide on enhancements and make decisions.

W3AD is a predominant DAO development company with experience in providing DAO consulting services to all industries. With us, any company can transition to a decentralized platform and reap the rewards. We provide end-to-end solutions for all forms of DAO services.

Blockchain Development Services We Provide


These are tokens used primarily for governance activities. They can bring changes or updates to existing protocols.


DAOs here are meant to gather funds. That way, the community as a whole can invest in buying NFTs with each member of the community owning a share of the purchase.


Grant DAOs are tokens with the purpose of funding projects and supporting the community of developers or enthusiasts.


These DAOs are for social networking with other crypto communities. Users entering a different community must meet specific criteria and these DAOs help make it happen.


Media DAOs are where content creators work together to produce and earn a profit for their work.


Venture DAOs gather capital to invest in Web3 protocols or start-ups.

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Primary Features of All DAO Development Services


DAO is open-source by nature making it fully transparent and enabling any participant to access the code.

Distributed Authority

There is no central authority or management required to run a DAO. Instead, all decisions take place through votes done by members of the community.

Smart Contract Security

Smart contracts define the way a DAO operates. They are programmable guidelines that cannot be changed once activated.


Operations in a DAO take place without any external trigger. Additionally, a DAO operation on a self-finance business model where some of the rewards go to the treasury. This approach reduces the need for external investments.

Powered by Blockchain

At the core, every DAO is powered by blockchain technology, making it fully decentralized and autonomous. Thanks to blockchain, every DAO is also immutable, transparent, and secure.


DAO tokens enable financial transactions and cast votes regarding important decisions or ways to improve the platform. Users in the community can earn tokens through various means.

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Our Range of DAO Development Services Covers

Smart Contract Development

One of our biggest services is providing reliable smart contracts that enable decentralized solutions.

Node Development

We provide a group of inter-connected computers that form the base of a blockchain network. These computers or nodes serve different purposes like mining, archival, authority, etc.

Decentralized App Development

Our DAO development company is among the best at creating decentralized apps for various use cases. These apps work using blockchain and utilize smart contracts to achieve decentralization.

DAO Integration

We are more than capable of equipping DAO protocols into an existing business model and turning it into a completely community-driven platform.

DAO-Centric NFT Platform Development

We understand the demand for NFT marketplaces in the market and can integrate that with DAO. Our adept team can create an NFT trading site working based on DAO.

Blockchain Development

Protocols on DAO define how the rest of the system works. Our DAO blockchain development services help you bring decentralization to your business.

Platform Development

We can develop a DAO-based platform for any business requirement you have. Our experts in DAO blockchain development can build the product from the ground up in a suitable time frame.

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Use Cases of DAO Services


Crypto projects with a DAO fundraising mechanism only start after the community verifies and supports the project. The community governance here backs the project and helps it succeed.


Voting is the most essential feature of any DAO platform. Any new changes or updates to a DAO take place only after it achieves the maximum number of votes within a community.


Agreements on a DAO take place only after both sides have agreed to the terms. Once they agree, the smart contracts in the agreement activate and both sides must hold up their part of the agreement.

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Business Models Available Through DAO Development Services

Play and Earn

These models are based on games where users can play games and earn rewards in the form of crypto or NFTs.

Learn and Earn

This platform is where users get paid for learning or gaining any new skills. These skills help the DAO community grow and evolve.

Invest and Earn

Users who invest or contribute to the growth of the DAO network can earn rewards in the process. These investors are a major source of income for the DAO.

Work and Earn

This business model is ideal to motivate users to work full-time for an organization. Additionally, these users reap the benefits such as rewards, recognition, and flexibility.

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