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EOS DApp Development

The team working at W3AD excel in EOS Dapp development and can create smart contracts and decentralized apps to suit your business needs.

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Understanding EOS and EOS DApp Development

EOS is a blockchain network to develop scalable and fast decentralized applications. EOS goes beyond the regular requirements and provides an OS-like set of services and functions to Dapp developers. This accessibility empowers the developers to create versatile decentralized solutions for regular users.

The growth of EOS dapp development led to the rise of the EOS dapp development company. These companies specialize in building and deploying scalable applications that meet an organization’s requirements. Companies like ours can identify on-chain and off-chain entities, hosting infrastructure requirements, interfaces, third-party integrations, and data storage requirements for any business.

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Services Our EOS Blockchain Development Company Provides


Our team analyses the potential use cases blockchain has on your business and sees how we can leverage the network for your benefit.

Decentralized App Development

We develop secure and reliable decentralized applications on the EOS network based on your specific needs. Our experience ensures that we can provide solutions for any business.

Smart Contract Development

EOS-based smart contracts are self-executing programs that activate under specific conditions. There are several use cases for smart contracts like voting, real estate brokerage, healthcare recording, social media, and escrow.

Decentralized Exchanges

We can develop and launch intuitive decentralized exchanges that run entirely on smart contracts. This platform operates without third-party involvement, utilizes the best security protocols, and creates a secondary income for you.

Smart Contract Auditing

Our team can audit your smart contracts before deploying them on the network. That way, you can avail of the benefits smart contracts provide and none of the negatives.

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Benefits of EOS DApp Development

Free Transactions

The EOS network does not charge users a fee for transactions. That said, users are required to pay EOS tokens to use the network’s storage, computation, and bandwidth.

Easy to Upgrade

EOS is stable enough to support bug fixes in the code. The network enables developers to replace code in the chain without affecting its performance

Extensive Plugin Support

The platform has extensive plugin support to keep the data synched on multiple systems.

Programs and Tools

You can configure Node OS with EOS or plugins to launch other types of nodes. Then, there is Cleos which interfaces with REST API.

High Performance

Presently, EOS supports thousands of transactions taking place at once and has the potential to scale further up. Applications built on this network can scale to the point of supporting millions of users.

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Benefits of EOS DApp Development?

Industries That Benefit From EOS DApp Development

Our Approach to EOS DApp Development

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