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Matic DApp Development

Our company specializes in building top-notch products for the Polygon network. We are experienced in various aspects of Web3 development like blockchain networks, NFT markets, decentralized products, smart contracts, etc. Start working with our Matic Dapp development company today.

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Polygon is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain that combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains. The network’s purpose is to build a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem comprised of multiple Ethereum-based blockchains.

Polygon exists to address the major issues the Ethereum network faces- namely high gas fees and network bottlenecks. The network not only solves these issues but also maintains Ethereum’s high-security standards.

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Benefits of Matic Blockchain Development


Polygon is like other blockchain networks in that it is transparent to all users while maintaining a high degree of security.


Polygon overcomes the issue of scalability through the scalable consensus method. This way, apps built on this network get the advantages of Ethereum along with scalability options.


Polygon’s design makes it so that it can be customized, upgraded, and extended by anyone with enough knowledge of the network

Made for Developers

The network understands the issues faced with Web3 development and provides a user experience similar to Web2. Additional benefits Polygon provides are faster transaction speed and no gas fees on transactions.

No Downtime

Any app built on Polygon will work even if parts of the blockchain network go offline. The only way for the app to stop working is if the platform it is on crashes.

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Here Are Our Matic DApp Development Services

Token Development

We tokenize your digital assets and store them on a secure blockchain network. We can customize this network based on your unique requirements.

DApp Development

We have a deep understanding of Matic SDKs, protocols, and drafts along with development tools like Remix, Web3js, and Truffle. We use this knowledge to create decentralized apps for your business needs. Additionally, we install these apps on the Ethereum chain and EVM chains.

Smart contract development

Our team can build and launch smart contracts that highlight Ethereum’s flexibility and versatility. These programs provide all the benefits of Ethereum along with Polygon’s connectivity and flexibility.

NFT Marketplace Development

Our team helps you build and launch a decentralized marketplace on the Matic network. The platform provides the ideal foundation for NFT traders and creators to sell their work to a broader audience.

Why Work With Our Matic DApp Development Company

The team at W3AD believes in providing tangible results regards of how difficult the project might be. Our extensive knowledge of blockchain networks alongside our creativity makes us fit to handle any requirements and needs. Our proven development strategies help us consistently meet deadlines without compromising on quality. We always adhere to the following points for any project we undertake.

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