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Move to Earn NFT Platform

Our move-to-earn NFT development company helps you utilize the digital and the physical world. Reward users who stay fit as your business platform becomes the bridge linking the Metaverse and the real world.

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Understanding what is a move to earn NFT platform

A move to earn NFT or M2E NFT is a virtual token rewarded to users who perform some form of physical movement. This novel mechanic generated a lot of attention thanks to its ability to bridge the digital and physical worlds. This attention led to the rise of the M2E or move-to-earn NFT platform.

As M2E encourages and rewards users for exercising a little, this mechanism naturally results in more people flocking to the platform. With more people coming to the platform, they earn rewards and stay healthy.

The Working Model of a Typical Move-to-Earn NFT Platform

An M2E game works similarly to a play-to-earn game with some creative differences. M2E games have a working model of rewarding users with crypto for some form of physical movement. Platforms here combine gaming and social elements and that adds to the monetary benefits.

Physical activity here can include walking, dancing, cycling, jogging, exercising, and more. These platforms take advantage of fitness tracking apps and add additional rewards in the form of money. That way, they keep users entertained and coming back.

The digital assets earned on an M2E game can be staked or traded on the NFT marketplace for further monetary benefits. Additionally, users can rent them to other users and earn a passive income. Users who earn crypto from M2E games can trade them on exchange platforms or as legal tender.

Benefits of a Move to Earn NFT Platform for Fitness Enthusiasts

Despite the benefits of regular exercise, many people dread doing it or won’t do it for several reasons. Some people never work out despite knowing the dangers of such a lifestyle. The move to earn NFT platform aims to do away with that and bring people together for their health. The goal of these games is to stay fit and earn rewards from the platform.

Currently, earning a passive income is a definite plus for many people. Today’s people need to stay physically healthy to build up their resistance to diseases. The M2E game helps facilitate this and provides additional monetary benefits to people who exercise regularly. Staying fit and earning money for that is a win-win for people.

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Our Approach to Move to Earn Game Development


Move to earn game development begins with planning. You tell us what you want and we start considering every aspect of the game from features, to the target audience. We use the information to create a roadmap to give you an estimate of the project length and milestones.


Now, we start developing a prototype, which is essential in move to earn app development. We send this prototype to in-house users to test it and provide feedback. We take the feedback provided and use it to develop and fine-tune the product.


Next, we begin work on the front and back-end features. This phase is where our designers and developers showcase their skills in Web3 development and create a product that certainly catches the audience’s attention.


The app now moves onto the testing phase. This phase is where our testers run the app through several scenarios and instances. They do this to expose any flaw, error, glitch, or weakness in the programming. The testing part is a very vital part of the move to earn app development. Once the testers agree that the product has no bugs, we move to the next phase.


Following the testing phase, the app is ready to launch. During this phase, we market the move to earn NFT platform on multiple fronts and gain enough traction. We also build a community around the app to ensure its longevity. We use several marketing strategies and approaches to ensure an effective outcome.


Now we launch the app for public use. This phase is where you collect user input and feedback on how to improve the app. Additionally, you can also release several upgrades and patches to improve the app’s longevity.

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W3AD comprises a team of experts in the Web3 field. From development to marketing, our team understands the main intricacies of the Web3 world and how to market your product. The M2E game movement is gaining traction each day and we want to help you take advantage of that.

Our work revolves around giving solid solutions that add value to your business. So, contact us today and see how you can ride the move to earn NFT platform trend into the future.

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