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NFT Consulting Service

Our NFT consulting services help you get a clear idea of your project and how to make it succeed on the market.

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The Importance of an NFT Consulting Service

NFT growth over the past few years is meteoric. The technology saw widespread adoption among the crypto community as many people saw its potential. This growth spurred the rise of innovations and businesses that add greater value to the Web3 world. One such innovation that spawned from this growth is NFT consulting.

Presently, there is a necessity for NFT consulting as it helps a company take the right first step in the NFT community. Our extensive knowledge of the subject helps you hone your approach and achieve the necessary success.

Our Approach to NFT Consulting Services

Market Research

The purpose here is to provide an immersive experience to the users. Our user-friendly approach to developing solutions satisfies their needs and keeps them coming back.

Business Prediction

Our analytical team provides accurate predictions for your project based on current market trends and movements. That way, you have a clear picture of the product’s success.

Tech Stack

The W3AD advisors help you in choosing the best third-party tech stacks needed for your NFT venture. They provide this information based on your requirements and needs.

Platform Architecture

We create an outline of the various components of your business to ensure that every process works without fault.

Functional Purposes

Our team checks all the purposes of your current ventures and filters them out based on viability. What you’re left with is the final solution.

Non-Functional Purposes

Our team analyses the platform from top to bottom and ensures that it is working as intended. We strive to make sure that users do not encounter any glitches or errors.

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NFT Consulting Services We Provide

NFT Sale Strategy

Our NFT consulting agency shares our strategies on how best to promote and sell your NFT business to the audience. We help you establish your name in the NFT space.

NFT Minting Advisory

Our advisors help you finalize the number of NFTs to mint for a specific project. Additionally, they help you prioritize the minting process and settle on a price to achieve maximum appeal.

Smart Contract Strategy

The team working here gives you several modern use cases for smart contract and add further value to the growing Web3 community

NFT Marketplace Platform Advice

The team at W3AD helps creators decide what digital assets to mint on the NFT marketplace to gain maximum recognition and reach.

Token Offerings

We help you add functionalities related to STOs that follow the necessary legal regulations.

Community Management

We help you build and manage your online community on multiple platforms through constant social media engagement.

Strategic Sales and Partnerships

We help you form valuable partnerships with other famous NFT firms, media agencies, and Web3 experts in the field. These people help you increase the chance of the project’s success.

Influencer Marketing

Several members of our team are in close contact with prominent Web3 influencers. These online celebrities help you gain the necessary attention for your project.

Influencer Database Gathering

Our team gathers and collates a list of possible influencers who can promote your business project. We categorize them based on things like niche, knowledge, and followers for easy viewing.

Viral Marketing and Referrals

We utilize viral marketing strategies backed by classic referral campaigns for your upcoming project. That way, you reduce the costs related to regular promotional campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

The experts in community management and social media advertise your upcoming NFT project on all the social media channels. We use engaging visuals and creative text to capture the audience’s attention and start interactions.

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Subjects Covered by Our NFT Consulting Service


We help you register your original artwork on a blockchain network and sell them on marketplaces without facing typical copyright issues


Tokenize your music albums or songs and sell them to fans without requiring a centralized streaming service

Sports Collectibles

You can turn sports memorabilia into NFTs and ensure their authenticity. Additionally, you can sell these rare items to fans anywhere in the world.


Transfer patent ownership over a blockchain network and transparent records ensure that everyone remains in the loop.

In-Game Items

Sell rare, tradeable in-game assets to gamers and increase competition in a growing economy

Event Tickets

You can digitize tickets for famous events or regular events and make it so that every fan can participate

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Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain












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