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NFT Gaming Platform Like Decentraland

Take advantage of the NFT craze and develop an NFT gaming platform like Decentraland today. Partner with us today and we can turn your ideas into something tangible.

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Overview of Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world developed on the Ethereum network. Here, players create their avatars, create content, and monetize their work. Additionally, the game has land that users can purchase. Once sold, the user has total control over the land and can develop it or sell it to other users.

Here, NFTs are represented as LAND. The game charges users a commission fee for every trade that takes place. The platform combines virtual reality and the NFT marketplace for everyone’s benefit.

The Decentraland NFT marketplace is the best example of a virtual reality marketplace in the industry. It is a sensational success in the crypto space and is slowly expanding beyond that. Additionally, owning an NFT marketplace is an additional revenue stream for any business. Anyone can build an NFT marketplace but only we’re capable of building a successful NFT marketplace.

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Features of Our NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland


NFTs traded instantly on the marketplace increase the platform’s liquidity. NFTs can exist as collateral for liquid cash to obtain physical cash. It is possible to use NFTs to expand the market for unique digital assets.


The current NFT standards ensure that they can operate on multiple networks. That makes them appeal to a broader audience from different blockchains


The NFT’s interoperable nature ensures that owners can trade them on different networks and marketplaces. This feature gives the token holder the ability to initiate trades, place NFTs for bidding or sell them on another NFT marketplace.


The contribution of NFTs to the public blockchain makes it possible for developers to create standards that are relevant to the NFTs. This approach enables collection standardization represented as NFTs on the marketplace.

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Benefits of an NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland


Traditional games are where purchases are one-time and investments remain stuck on a single gaming ecosystem. However, an NFT game gives users total ownership of their in-game purchases. Blockchain makes it possible for users to save their purchased content and sell them to others.


The platforms we develop will store data on the blockchain network and this data functions independently of the game. The assets cannot be replaced, tampered with, or destroyed as it is permanently recorded on the digital ledger.


Games like ours function on independent blockchains that act as the backend framework for other interconnected games. The assets available in the virtual game can function on multiple ecosystems and benefit the users.


Players on these games value authenticity, rarity, and scarcity of in-game purchases. They can use this scarcity to their advantage and sell their products at greater costs.

Why Choose Our NFT Marketplace Development Company

We at W3AD are among the best when it comes to developing and launching an NFT marketplace like Decentraland. We provide customization options to your game to tailor the product to suit your needs. We integrate VR and AR elements into the game and create an immersive experience for players. We take great strides in ensuring your product has a mass market appeal so that you can reap the rewards.

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