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NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed Run

We combine the fun of a racing/betting game with an NFT marketplace into a neat and lucrative package.

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Develop and Launch Your NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed Run

NFTs went from having a niche audience to an overnight sensation. It reached mainstream attention and now, almost everyone wants a piece of it. NFTs are unique pieces of digital assets. They made significant trade volumes in music, art, and the gaming industry. The gaming industry so far operated on a completely centralized model and the assets created there cannot work outside the game.

NFTs can disrupt the industry in a good way and change the way traditional gaming works. Several NFT gaming marketplaces like Decentraland, Zed Run, and Unchained are proof that this concept works. Our company can develop your own blockchain-based NFT game like Zed Run and add value to the gaming market.

NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed Run

Zed Run is a horse racing game where every horse is unique thanks to NFTs. The platform works similarly to real-time horses where people can bet on them and earn money. Similar to the real world, horse owners can breed the horses in the stable and create new ones. Every horse here is tied to an NFT, making them unique and the owners can trade or sell them in the marketplace.

Horse owners can even train their horses to increase their skills before selling them. The price for each horse varies based on their tier and the demand each horse has. The platform fully combines betting and NFT gaming to cast a wide net over the audience. Our Zed Run clone development company can build such a platform compatible with other types of racing games.

Components of Our NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed Run


The platform comes equipped with an NFT marketplace for users to buy, sell and trade their horses. We take great strides to ensure that the marketplace is as user-friendly as possible.


Breeding is a process where you take two horses and make a new one. The new horse gains random traits from the parents based on an internal algorithm. You can either make it a free process or a chargeable one.


You can take the horses you own and use them to compete against other horses. The game groups the horses into different classes based on various specifications.


Owners who have very famous horses can sell or trade them on the marketplace with other users. Horses earn more fame by leveling up, increasing their skills, and winning races.

Earn Rewards Through Racing in Our NFT Marketplace Like Zed Run

A player who owns a horse can use them to take part in races. There are twelve slots in every race and horses are placed randomly. The horse that wins the race earns four points, the horse in second place has 3 points and the horse in third place gets two points. Horses from four to ten earn zero points and beyond that, the points are subtracted from the horse.

The more a horse wins races, the more points they obtain, and that leads to a greater demand in the marketplace. Users who have horses that won many races can sell these horses for a very profitable return. Additionally, users who bet on a horse to win can earn significant returns.

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Why Trust Our Zed Run Clone Development Company

The team working at W3AD is very experienced in developing solutions for multiple business verticals. They can build an NFT marketplace and integrate it onto any blockchain network you want. Our racing NFT marketplace can become the platform for you to launch all other kinds of NFT racing games.

Additionally, we provide better customer support to our clients. If you are interested in what we can provide, click the link below and we handle the rest.

How We Make Your NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed Run

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