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NFT Gaming Platform

NFT in games adds limitless possibilities to the gaming landscape. Our experience as an NFT gaming platform development company combines addictive gameplay loops with exciting rewards to keep the users constantly entertained. Partner with us to develop the best NFT gaming platform the world has ever experienced.

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Why Develop an NFT Gaming Platform?

NFTs went from being a niche audience to gaining mainstream attention. It now sets the trends in the crypto market thanks to its distinct features and essential characteristics. Unique assets and scarcity are important factors to consider when looking at the sudden spike in interest surrounding NFTs. The gaming industry is a big sector that will always attract an audience to it, regardless of their age.

The gaming industry continues to grow and evolve every year and gamers benefit from that growth. The gaming world served as the testing ground for several new technologies and trends. The introduction of NFTs lays down the foundation for innovation in blockchain technology and paves the way for creating new ideas.

NFTs bring in the possibility to develop, buy, and sell exclusive assets and tokens at reasonable prices and attracts a large audience to the NFT game marketplace.

We are an NFT Gaming Platform Development Company you can Rely on for Developing any Game.


Our Approach to NFT Gaming Platform Development

Expertise in all Genres

The team working at W3AD can craft an NFT gaming platform for any genre with minimal difficulty. We can create games based on the racing, action, sports, fantasy, adventure genres, and more.

Original Art and Design

Our in-house artists and designers create attractive NFTs assets for the NFT gaming platform. We create all the art for the game and the assets in-house and do not rely on any external help.

NFT Gaming Platform Ideation

We help you turn your idea into a successful venture. Our business analysts and experts consider your idea and work hard to make it something that has mass success.

Extensive QA Testing

The game goes through an extensive testing period. The testers analyze every aspect of the game and iron out all the flaws, glitches, and vulnerabilities they encounter. That way, you receive an error-free product when it launches.

Post-Launch Maintenance

After launch, we provide several support options. These options include patches to the gameplay, software, launching new events, and more.

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Key Factors of NFTs in the Gaming Industry Are


Liquidity is of significant importance in the NFT space, particularly in an NFT gaming platform. Here, the tokens are available for trading if the buyer decides to resell them. NFT liquidity is a driving factor when the demand for some NFTs suddenly rises


The immutable nature of NFTs ensures that the user can access their NFT assets anywhere outside of the game. These assets exist on decentralized servers and that removes any possibility of the data being lost to hacking.


Here, developers can completely program and customized NFT game assets. Programmability makes it easy for developers to create and integrate an asset or character into the NFT game.

Cross-Chain Compliance

Any NFT gaming platform built with cross-chain compatibility will achieve greater success than a platform built with one blockchain in mind. Through cross-chain, more users are attracted to the site and trade assets with one another.


Any transaction between gamers and developers on the blockchain is both transparent and verifiable. The transparent nature of blockchain creates trust among gamers and prompts them to buy virtual assets from the NFT marketplace.


One of the biggest driving factors for revenue generation in games is the scarcity of rare items. The demand for these virtual assets will not go away and only grows every day. This scarcity prompts gamers to spend more to own these virtual assets.

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NFT Gaming Platform Development Genres We Excel At

Action-Based NFT Games

Action games grab the audience’s attention from the start and refuse to let go. They are a great way to add NFTs that gamers will enjoy. We can create NFT assets like characters, costumes, equipment, powers, and more in your game.

Adventure-Based NFT Games

Adventure games are great digital playgrounds to become fully immersed in and enjoy. We add further immersion to the game with NFT assets like special costumes, powers, maps, and more that users can purchase on the marketplace or earn by completing in-game tasks.

Arcade-Based NFT Games

Arcade games are a fun way for players to relax, unwind or test their skills. We support incorporating NFTs into the game and even help developers convert their whole game into an NFT.

PvP-Based NFT Games

These games are great ways for users to test their skills and experience in the game. Here, users can earn rewards in the form of upgrades, costumes, power sets, equipment, emotes, etc. They can then sell these assets on the marketplace and enjoy the rewards.

Card Game-Based NFT Games

Online card games are rising in popularity thanks in large part to the pandemic lockdowns. The inclusion of NFTs here takes the form of trading cards that users can collect and store till their value increases to a certain point. Then, they can sell these assets on the marketplace and get a profit.

Fantasy Sports-Based NFT Games

Fantasy sports is where gamers build a team of their favorite players to compete with others and earn lucrative rewards. We innovate on this idea and turn each player into an NFT enabling users to earn additional rewards by selling them on the marketplace.

Sports-Based NFT Games

Sports games are the closest assimilation that players gave to experiencing the real thing. We add additional value to these games by turning players or teams into NFTs and listing them on the marketplace. Here, users can buy or sell them and generate revenue as a result.

Racing-Based NFT Games

Racing games have a wide audience and provide great entertainment value. NFTs here take the form of cars, bikes, exclusive designs, accessories, etc, that enhance the gameplay loop and add more value to the game.

Simulation-Based NFT Games

Simulation games are a great way to provide complete immersion to gamers. NFTs here can take the form of various in-game assets or perks the player can use to positively affect the gameplay. They can earn these NFTs by playing or by buying them from the marketplace.

Why Partner with Our NFT Gaming Platform Development Company

NFT marketplace development for gaming assets and collectibles

In addition to creating an NFT gaming platform, we can also create extensive NFT marketplace development catered exclusively to games. The marketplace lists numerous assets in the form of NFTs for players to buy and collect. Below are some of the collectibles we can list on the marketplace.

Costumes and Emotes

Now users can purchase unique costumes or special movements that they can use in the game to enhance the gameplay value. The player can also sell these assets on the marketplace to other users and generate profit.


We create special and unique characters that no one else on the gaming platform can create. Users who buy these characters can show them off to their friends and generate more interest in the marketplace.

Virtual Lands

We turn lands in adventure games into NFTs. With this, users can create, build, and show off their work to other players who marvel at the work and innovation before them. This will then prompt them to go to the marketplace and purchase their land to do the same.

Exclusive Assets

We can create NFTs for skins that players can put on their equipment or profile. These skins can be used on weapons, equipment, gamer tags, etc. The players who purchase and own them will stand out from the rest. They can enjoy being part of an exclusive group or sell the asset on the marketplace at higher costs.

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