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NFT Marketplace Like Sorare

Our skilled and proficient development team can help you in developing an NFT gaming platform like Sorare. Launch your product to a massive crowd and enjoy the success it brings.

Learn How We Build The NFT Gaming Football Platform

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NFT Marketplace Like Sorare

The NFT marketplace is the current trend in the crypto sphere and every day, they gaining more attention. Some of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the industry are OpenSea, NBA Top Shots, and Sorare. Developing an NFT gaming platform like Sorare is a great way to attract attention and build your audience in the NFT space. The fantasy football based NFT marketplace is where real players’ skills and talents can become NFT collectibles.

Football is a world-famous game and has a worldwide audience. There are many examples of fans going beyond the limit to show their fondness for their favorite player or team. Hence, developing an NFT gaming platform like Sorare makes it easy for people to show their love through a streamlined process.

Workflow of Our NFT Marketplace Like Sorare

Our fantasy football based NFT marketplace could positively impact the NFT audience and football fans. The workflow of this platform makes it easy for NFT and football fans to get rare collectibles and show their support.

Gather Cards

Our NFT marketplace like Sorare turns famous players into collectibles. These cards are a representation of the player along with their unique skills and special moves. The collectibles are the basis for everything else that takes place on the platform. Users can get these collectibles by purchasing player packs.

Find Other Players

Additionally, users can utilize the marketplace to find a specific player. Other users may often sell rare or famous players on the NFT marketplace for a profit. The user purchases these rare players and adds them to their collection.

Build Your Team

With enough collectibles, the user can finally build their fantasy football team. The user builds this team and then competes with other teams to earn rewards. Rewards here come in the form of crypto tokens or rare player cards. The winner can use these rewards in whatever way they deem fit.

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Our Approach to Developing an NFT Gaming Platform Like Sorare

Initial Development

Our development process begins with developing the platform and the collectibles. We take into consideration the player’s rank when developing their cards. That way, the players are ranked based on their rarity. We also take great care to build the platform’s foundation.

User Interface

Our designers diligently work to ensure that the user interface for the marketplace is user-friendly. We simplify the process so that the user has a hassle-free experience when they arrive.


Now, we integrate the NFT marketplace on the blockchain. Keep in mind, each network has different benefits and it is essential to choose the right one before proceeding.


The next step requires us to integrate features like search bars, categories, filters, etc. These steps ensure that the user will find their desired NFT without facing much trouble.

API Integration

This phase is where we integrate other APIs into the platform. APIs like Dapp support and wallet integration are essential parts of a successful NFT marketplace.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is where the owner controls every aspect of the NFT marketplace. Here, the admin can access several restricted functions to ensure the marketplace functions smoothly. The objective of the admin panel is to add value to the marketplace and enhance its growth


We add several high-security measures to the platform to keep it safe from hacks and threats. Measures like high-level encryptions, 2FA, and firewalls protect the users and the site from any external or internal dangers.

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