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An Overview of P2P Lending Software

The practice of borrowing and lending is an old institution. It exists for many years and will exist in the future. The concept of crowd funding evolved and now it is easier than ever before. Presently, it is possible to get funding for a project within a few clicks. Technology is transforming the way P2P lending operates and blockchain is set to bring greater change to the industry.

Recently, there is an increased growth of blockchain-based P2P lending software. Here, two parties can transfer currency without third-party involvement at a reduced cost. This platform provides high security and a hassle-free lending environment. We understand the potential good this can do in the industry and have created services based on that. Listed below are services that utilize blockchain to your benefit.

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Top Reasons to Consider P2P Lending Software Solutions

Features in Our Peer-To-Peer Lending Software


A blockchain network ensures the lender remains anonymous and not reveal their identity to anyone on the site. A lender can select the loan type from the platform and conduct business through the in-app wallet.

Lack of Third-Party Involvement

These sites use smart contracts to enact deals between the lender and borrower. As such, they do not require any third-party involvement. Here, the users can interact and transact in a secure environment.

Secure Environment

The lending and borrowing process takes place in a secure environment and smart contracts remove the need for human intervention. This approach ensures the process runs smoothly and reduces the risk of errors. Hence, these P2P lending software provides security and trust among the users.

Loan Calculator

The on-board calculator helps people determine the EMI repayment amount, deferred payment loans, interest costs, and more in a single location. The calculator clearly defines the amount the lender and borrower are to receive/payback.

Credit Score

The current system is where a borrower’s trustworthiness is defined by their credit score. The score lays out their commitment to repaying the borrowed amount. The credit score helps investors decide which borrower to trust and which to ignore.

Multiple Security Protocols

Our platform comes equipped with an updated security system, SSL certification, 2FA, and more. These protocols ensure the user’s safety when on the site.

Automated KYC and AML

Smart contracts are self-activating programs that automate processes and increase the platform’s efficicency. They reduce the time taken to complete the KYC and AML process and make it easy for users to start borrowing and lending.

Refinance Availability

Refinancing is an excellent way for a borrower to gain more money after paying half of their loan amount within the agreed period. Refinancing enables the users to apply for a new loan from another lender.

Escrow System

The escrow system in our site uses smart contracts and automates the locking or release of a user’s crypto assets. This approach makes it easy for the user to perform instant transactions on the site.

Loan Auto-Renewal and Investment

The auto-renewal process reduces the need for the user to manually input lending orders in the order book. Now, they can toggle this feature between ON and OFF based on their need.

Loan Valuation Ratio

LVR or loan valuation ratio is the collateral value percentage a user borrows. The LVR calculator here helps the lender make an informed decision before applying for the loan.

In-House Wallet

The wallet included in this P2P lending software enables the buyer to hold, sell, received, and send various currencies in a secure environment.


The lenders and borrows have access to a dashboard in the platform. However, the dashboard’s features and functions changes depending on if a lender or borrower is using it.

Loan Feedback

Users can give their feedback on a loan performance, loan repayment, tenure, etc. Feedback helps lenders participate in a funding process with easy returns and reduced risks. Additionally, the input also plays an essential role in developing the platform.

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Security Features of Our Peer-To-Peer Lending Software

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Developing a P2P lending software is a significant task. The platform requires a talented and experienced team dedicated to the project from start to finish. Additionally, there is a great need to understand the client requirement and meet those needs in a timely manner.

The experts working at our company have extensive experience in the industry. We understand the importance of developing such platforms and how blockchain can take things further. We strive to provide a product that meets the standards you set and keep you informed throughout the development process. The reasons we’re different are

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