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Play to Earn Game Development Like Splinterlands

Build your dream collectible card game and turn it into a revenue stream. Our play-to-earn games development company makes it easy for you to do just that

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What is Splinterlands and why is it popular?

A move to earn NFT or M2E NFT is a virtual token rewarded to users who perform some form of physical movement. This novel mechanic generated a lot of attention thanks to its ability to bridge the digital and physical worlds. This attention led to the rise of the M2E or move-to-earn NFT platform.

As M2E encourages and rewards users for exercising a little, this mechanism naturally results in more people flocking to the platform. With more people coming to the platform, they earn rewards and stay healthy.

Game Mechanics in P2E Games

  • The game has a free mode where players get a tutorial and understands the working model of the game.
  • Players cannot earn any rewards or participate in battle during the free mode. They have to upgrade their profile to start collecting.
  • Upgrading requires the players to make a one-time payment. The player pays either through fiat or cryptocurrency.
  • Following the profile upgrade, the player can start getting cards, doing battles, earning rewards, joining tournaments, etc.
  • There are two card types the players can earn in the game. One is fighter cards and the other is master cards.
  • The player then earns a free starter pack. The packs come with a set of cards the user can use in battle. They cannot be sold in the marketplace.
  • The player now participates in battles with other players. These battles are of two types. One is a modern battle and the other is a regular battle.
  • The players place their cards on the field and the match starts. These battles take place automatically and victory is based on the card stats like levels, abilities, and experience.

NFT Traits in Our Game


Cost traits denote the cost of a card. Each card has a specific the player must consider when creating a team to battle.


This trait denotes basic stats like ATK, DEF, SPD, INT, DEX, etc.


This trait denotes the card’s rarity level. There are four rarity levels in the game. They are; common, rare, elite, and super rare


This trait refers to the character’s name


This trait refers to the character’s level the player sees when they first obtain the card


This trait refers to the experience points needed for a particular card to increase their level


This trait refers to the innate skills a card has. These skills can tip the scales of any battle.

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Features of Our Play to Earn Game


Our development team is adept at creating solutions on various blockchain networks and can make this platform highly-interoperable

Auto Battle

Auto-battling enables players to set their cards and form a team. Several in-built programs in the game do battle on behalf of the player

Multiple Play Modes

Players can participate in two battle modes and enjoy the many rewards and benefits that come from either of them

NFT Rentals

Users can list their NFTs for rent on the marketplace. The funds generated from these rentals become a form of passive income for the users.


The platform comes with an NFT marketplace where players can buy, sell, trade, auction, and rent out their NFTs.

Native Token

The game comes with a special native token that players can use as a currency and avail of several additional utilities.


The game can launch special timed events that offer amazing bonuses, rare items, or tournaments to keep players engaged

Multi-Lingual Support

The platform supports multiple languages ensuring that anyone anywhere can play the game and enjoy themselves

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Why Engage in Play to Earn Games Development?

Special Business Model

The play-to-earn business model has a proven track record of earning significant sales for the business. With this model, you can earn through token revenue, marketplace transactions, NFT trading, etc.

Early Adoption

This business model is gaining traction outside of the crypto sphere. You can become an early adopter of this model, stand out from the rest and make a name for yourself.

Large Gaming Community

Having a large community of players interested and engaged in the game ensures longevity. You can further foster this growth through events tournaments and other forms of engagement.

Limitless Collaboration Possibilities

A strong community of players helps you reach out to other businesses, brands, and celebrities. You can collaborate with them to create special events with various benefits and bonuses. This approach goes a long way to keeping the game fresh and engaging.

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Why Choose Our Play to Earn Games Development Company

How Players Earn Through Play to Earn NFT Games Development


Players can participate against other players in ranked matches and earn rewards like crypto, NFTs, and native tokens

Daily Missions

Players can complete various daily tasks and earn small rewards to keep them engaged and coming back

NFT Sales

The player can sell their NFTs on the marketplace or put them up for auction and generate profit

NFT Rental

Players can rent their NFTs out to other players on the marketplace and create a new revenue stream. The NFTs come back to the player after the specified time frame passes.

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