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Smart Contract Audit

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Overview of A Smart Contract Audit

A smart contract is a blockchain-based program that activates under specific conditions. They exist to enable transactions, enforce agreements, and remove the need for third-party involvement. Smart contracts are similar to regular contracts as they impose a specific set of rules on all involved parties. When both sides agree to the terms set, the smart contract activates.

These contracts are the basis of all decentralized applications and are the cornerstone of the blockchain industry. Hence, it is critically important to review these contracts. That way, you can see they are working as intended. Here is where a smart contract audit comes into play. The audit ensures that programs are working properly and protects the business from security breaches and hacks.

Smart contracts can work in any industry and the lack of middlemen ensures that only the required parties are involved. Once the rules and conditions are set, the contract executes under the right conditions and can revoke itself in the event something goes wrong.

Smart Contract Auditing Services

At W3AD, we provide extensive smart contracts auditing services for any organization that uses them. These include (but are not limited to) fintech, security, and real estate. The end-to-end solutions we provide ensure that smart contracts are working as intended and are protecting your business from external threats.

ICO Smart Contract Auditing

Auditing services for ICOs ensure that the token functionalities like the hard cap and soft cap remain the same after completing the token sale.

STO Smart Contract Auditing

Security tokens regularly require auditing thanks to the compliance requirements placed on them. Examples of these requirements are the rules and regulations set by each country and those can change often.

Smart Contract Security Auditing

We handle extensive smart contract security auditing for any company to ensure these programs are secure and immune from hacks or data breaches.

Defi Smart Contract Auditing

Here, we do extensive auditing on your smart contracts to ensure that they remain free of errors or glitches. That way, your apps, and business stay safe and secure at all times.

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit

Ethereum is perhaps the most important blockchain network in the world. It is the foundation for much of what came afterward and brought in the golden age of blockchain apps. On this network, developers can program a smart contract with extensive customization options. Our team understands the importance of Ethereum as our developers are well-versed in the network and can carry out Ethereum smart contract audits.

We perform an in-depth review of the smart contract codebase, and architecture, and highlight the essential changes that must be made. Weaknesses in the code can cause immense damage to the company, hence the need for smart contract audits. An Ethereum smart contract audit can secure your system by highlighting any vulnerabilities or weak cryptography. Our in-house testing protocols equip your smart contracts to handle any threats and hacks.

Our Smart Contract Auditing Company Provides End-to-End Solutions for Your Business Needs.


Smart Contract Development Services We Provide

Raising Confidence in Traders and Investors

Traders and investors typically invest in coins and tokens that have zero weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Through a smart contract audit, you increase trust within the community by ensuring the coin’s safety.

Attract New Investors and Traders

A coin or token with robust security measures and protocols tends to frequently attract more traders and investors. They can invest money in the token and earn big returns as it is free from any flaws or weaknesses.

Meet Regulatory Requirements in STOs

STOs are increasingly becoming the norm in the blockchain world and many companies prefer them over other token offerings. Performing a smart contract audit here is the difference between a company being STO compliant or breaking several regulatory frameworks.

Reduce Time Taken for Exchange Review

Typically, exchanges take time to review a crypto token for listing. The reason they take so long is that they audit each coin before listing it on the platform. Pre-audited coins reduce the time taken and make the token more appealing to investors.

Our methodology for smart contract auditing services

Manual Review

Our team goes through every line of code, identifying every risk area and potential security holes. We examine the architecture and find faults in the logic, discrepancies in the protocols, and other flaws that affect the way the smart contract works.

Static Analytical Tools

Our analytical tools identify weaknesses in the smart contract and categorize them into low, medium, and high. These issues relate to various aspects of the program like over or underflow bugs, transaction-ordering dependence, and other errors in the token or coin.

Manual Security Checks

Our team of security experts deploys smart contracts on the testnet to see if there are any issues in the code. These issues mostly revolve around how the contract may or may not calculate rewards.

Dynamic Analytical Tools

Our tools are used here to assess the contract concerning the critical areas of the blockchain.

Our Approach to Smart Contract Auditing Services

We Provide Smart Contract Audits for Multiple Industries

Smart contracts are a revolutionary technology for any company as it provides total automation without relying on third-party involvement. As such, many companies are integrating them into their business models and enjoying the benefits they provide. Our company’s experience in blockchain development and smart contract audits helps you fix any weaknesses in a system to become a healthy blockchain-based business.

Here are the industries we provide smart contract auditing services for

Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence


Internet of Things

Real Estate






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