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Smart Contract Development

Get advanced smart contract development solutions from developers with extensive experience in the blockchain industry.

We Provide Smart Contract Development for Blockchain-Based Companies and Many Others

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Overview of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are an essential part of any Web 3.0 business. A smart contract is a self-executing digital program that powers everything in the blockchain world. It is essential in automating processes ranging from transactions to agreements. Smart contracts also reduce costs, making them highly beneficial to businesses in every industry.

They solve the many issues plaguing traditional contracts like extensive paperwork, third-party involvement, and high overhead costs. W3AD is ahead of the curve when it comes to Smart contract development. We can provide smart contract development services to suit your needs and wants. Our development team is aware of the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the world, making them perfect for creating self-executing digital contracts.

Smart contracts can work in any industry and the lack of middlemen ensures that only the required parties are involved. Once the rules and conditions are set, the contract executes under the right conditions and can revoke itself in the event something goes wrong.

Smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain

As an experienced smart contract development company, we can provide the best smart contracts for Ethereum. This blockchain is where developers can build customizable digital contracts that fit their unique needs and requirements. Listed below are the types of contracts we can create.

ERC-20 Token Contracts

Our experienced team can develop and deploy advanced smart contracts that enable transferring ERC-20 tokens from one wallet to another address that is ERC-20 compatible.

Token Redemption

We provide various computer-based protocols for generating tokens, redeeming them, token exchanges, and distribution. These protocols are designed to cover every portion of asset tokens.

Stablecoin Issuance

Our development team can create a digital contract that does away with escrow agreements and automates the process of issuing stablecoins.

ERC-721 Smart Contracts

We can create smart contracts compliant with the ERC-721 token standards. These standards are ideal for copyright protection or real estate contracts.

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Business Benefits of Smart Contract Development for Blockchain

Smart contracts function only when a set of conditions are met between two parties. The nature of a smart contract means they can automate various operations and processes in any organization. Listed below are the benefits a business gains from implementing smart contracts.

Lower Risks and Costs

Automating tasks through a digital contract requires no human intervention. This benefit reduces processing and contractual costs. A decentralized process removes any opportunity for fraud as the network is managed by the network and not a single person or party.

Greater Accuracy

Thanks to their automation, smart contracts are immune to any form of human error. Additionally, they are immutable as their code does not change after implementation. These two benefits help users build trust with a business.

Reliability Through Automation

Automated responses and process help a business perform better and deliver results faster.

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Smart Contract Development Services We Provide

Smart Contracts on the Solana Network

Smart Contracts on the Solana Network

Our team is more than capable of creating a smart contract on Solana. Solana is a blockchain famous for its speed and transaction efficiency. Smart contracts here can be executed for low transaction fees. Smart contracts on the Solana blockchain can work for any Web3 application. Hence, many enterprises and businesses want to create their brand on this blockchain network.

Smart Contracts on the Polygon Network

Smart Contracts on the Polygon Network

Polygon is a Layer-2 solution for Ethereum that solves the latter’s issues regarding stability. Smart contracts here can work for several decentralized apps. Additionally, these self-executing contracts can be used for apps supported by Ethereum and EVM.

Smart Contracts on the Tron Network

Smart Contracts on the Tron Network

Tron is famous in the industry for how smoothly it executes operations. It has a native currency called TRX or Tronix. Smart contracts here have the support of the Solidity programming language. Smart contracts are ideally suited for decentralized apps and digital wallets.

Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Network

Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Network

Our development team can create ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens that can be used for developing stablecoin. Ethereum also works in industries like healthcare, retail, automotive, financial services, etc.

Custom Smart Contract Development

Blockchain is an evolving industry and there’s no telling when the next development will happen. We keep that in mind and create smart contracts when these innovations launch. Our development team can easily customize the smart contract to suit your needs while ensuring all technical requirements.

Smart Contracts for Staking Pools

A staking pool is used by DeFi apps to generate liquidity for platforms without facing any issues. In these pools, token investors get rewards for staking their assets. Smart contracts in staking pools help in the investment and reward mechanism. Our experienced development team can create smart contracts that follow every required mechanism.

Smart Contracts for Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate tokenization is an ideal way to make real estate accessible to a broader audience. Smart contracts here can finalize the plot sale from one party to another. The team at our smart contract development company can create solutions for this process by including all the clauses and requirements needed to start the transaction.

Reward Distribution Through Smart Contracts

Gaming is an essential part of the digital world. Many online games provide rewards and keep the players hooked. Smart contracts here can prove beneficial as they can provide rewards to players who complete specific tasks or missions. These contracts execute immediately on completion and that means the players get the rewards much faster.

Smart Contracts for Trading

Trading in Web3 is based on decentralized finance or DeFi. Processes like staking, mortgaging, lending, and borrowing are very popular revenue generators in the DeFi space. Smart contracts remove the need for any human involvement. Our team can create and implement smart contracts for any trading platform.

Smart Contracts for Smart Wallets

The growing need for fintech products increases the widespread adoption of digital wallets. These wallets must function properly at all times and provide information to users without facing any errors in performance. Smart contracts here can automate processes, thereby reducing the chances of any problems occurring.

Optimization of Smart Contracts

We can optimize smart contracts to improve any network- centralized or decentralized. The implementation of smart contracts on all fronts benefits the organization in many ways.

Smart Contracts for Decentralized Finance

Our smart contract development company can create solutions used to settle claims, trace assets back to the source, generate invoices, and file insurance claims.

How W3AD Does Smart Contract Development Services

Industries that Benefit from Smart Contract Development

The self-executing nature of smart contracts means that they can fit in almost any business model. Listed below are the industries that gain the most from smart contract development and implementation.





Real Estate


Lending and borrowing


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